Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Merit Badge University is offered as a community service. The event is free for all to attend.

MBU t-shirts and patches may be purchased at the event.
The following merit badges are offered at Medical MBU:
  • Chemistry
  • Disabilities Awareness
  • Emergency Preparedness *
  • First Aid *
  • Fire Safety
  • Medicine
  • Public Health
  • Safety
* = Eagle Required
No, but there are locations within walking distance where food or snacks can be purchased.
Emergency Preparedness

1. Earn the First Aid Merit Badge
2c. Meet with and teach your family how to get or build an emergency kit, make a plan, and be informed for the situations on the chart you created. Complete a family plan.

Fire Safety

6. Conduct a home safety survey with the help of an adult. Draw a home fire-escape plan, create a home fire-drill schedule, and conduct a home fire drill.

Public Health

2. With your parent’s approval, visit your city, county, or state public health agency.


2a. Use a safety checklist to make an inspection of your home. Explain the hazards found and how they can be corrected.
2b. Review or develop your family’s plan of escape in case of fire in your home. Share with them the common causes of fire in the home, such as smoking, cooking, electrical appliances, and candles.
4. Show your family the exits you would use from different public buildings in the event of an emergency. Teach your family what to do in the event that they need to take shelter in or evacuate a public place.
We are also able to work with Girl Scout Troops in adapting BSA requirements to meet their advancement needs.
We split our teaching into 4 sessions or periods. You may choose to take classes during 1 or all of the periods. Some merit badges take 2 periods to complete. We do not guarantee that all merit badge requirements will be completed during your time at Medical MBU.

The following is a list of how many class periods each merit badge will take:
  • Chemistry (1 period)
  • Disabilities Awareness (1 period)
  • Emergency Preparedness (2 periods)
  • First Aid (2 periods)
  • Fire Safety (1 period)
  • Medicine (2 periods)
  • Public Health (1 period)
  • Safety (1 period)